With the whole world going minimalist, tiny homes the way for the future of affordable living.

Tiny Home Leasing is all about helping you find alternative accommodation solutions for your property. We currently supply 1 bedroom and studio units to homeowners to place on their site.

All our units are delivered to your site full furnished, are fully installed and are ready to move in.


At tiny home leasing we have a very strong ethos around families helping families wherever possible. Our units fit the needs of many family dynamics, particularly the following

Ageing parents and grandparents

Tiny Home Leasing has leased many combinations of tenancy to assist ageing parents. Grandparents can live in the unit and stay close to the helping hands of family. Or, the unit can go on their property for friends and family to live in while being that extra care on site. It’s a wonderful way to keep families together and letting grandparents keep their home for as long as possible.

Separating parents

Our units provide a much need solution for separating couples while they navigate the often difficult early phases of separation. By putting a unit in the back yard both parents can maintain their own space, yet still be near to the kids. It saves double rents and extended utilities and the additional burden of travel for children. It’s a very difficult time for parents and we understand this.

Teenagers retreat

Sometimes families outgrow their house as the kids grow up. It’s a temporary problem because you know they’ll leave soon enough and the space will be empty. Why extend or buy bigger when you can maximise the size of your living space with a Tiny Home in the back yard. It’s a great way to start them on their journey to independence.

Homeowners who wish to minimise their mortgage through subletting are very much encouraged. Our properties can rent in certain markets for up to over $100 per night, through AIRBNB or other holiday let services.

Permanent rentals in the Sydney market could bring a rent of over $400 per week bringing thousands off your mortgage every year, without any capital outlay to you.