How Much are they?

The Studio units are $200 per week. The 1 bedroom are $250 per week.

Is there a bond?

Yes, we require 4 weeks bond prior to lease commencement.

Can I get rent assistance for this type of rental?

Yes. Please speak to us and arrange through centrelink, as with any other property rental.


We have a minimum of 6 months lease on all units.

Is There a maximum lease period?

Nope! In fact many of our clients have indicated they will stay for 3-4 years.

What about installation?

We conduct a site inspection to make sure your site is suitable. There is $1000 installation fee to be paid prior to arrival on your site which covers plumbing, electrical connection and water supply to the unit. The fee also covers removal after your tenancy.

Do you have 2 bedroom units?

No, however we can supply two studios and join them together.

What about council approval?

Our units do not require council approval in most regions in Australia.

Are they for sale?

No, I’m sorry. We only supply properties for the purpose of supporting the need for affordable rentals.

What About rent to buy?

No, I’m sorry. We only offer rental tenancy.

how much space do I need?

The width of each unit is 2.4m. You can view the full dimensions on the floor plans and allow for a 2.4 x 2.4 deck as well. This is placed on the side of the studios and on the end of the 1 bedrooms.

how do you get access to my property?

We ask the property owner to sign a document giving us access to the land. You need to have a driveway clear and wide enough for us to access the unit location. This is all clarified during the site inspection.